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High Profile Matters




Controversial former top cop, Rajen Aiyer gets fired from SAPS

We defended Ms Potgieter after she was arrested on the strength of an affidavit lodged by Aiyer in respect hereof, had her released on bail (which initially the State was opposed to).

The charges against Potgieter were later withdrawn and we were mandated to lodge a formal complaint with IPID in respect of Aiyers conduct. This resulted in Aiyers dishonourable discharge from SAPS. The DPP will make a decision to prosecute him based on the IPID investigation.

We will never allow our client’s rights to be infringed with impunity by any official and will will always ensure that justice is done and that official is brought to task.

Sherrif of the Court Kokstad vs SAPS

We represented the Sheriff in respect of allegedly unlawful actions taken against her, resulting in a serious violation of her rights by the SAPS. The law must always be applied fairly and equally, SAPS are never above the law, and we shall ensure our clients rights are protected whatever may be necessary. 

UKZN Med School alleged Fraud

 We represented the one of the accused in this matter, and after a substantial set of delays by the State we set out a well founded and legally sound opposition to a further adjournment for further investigations while our clients suffered substantial prejudice. The matter was finalised by our erstwhile employer some months later. 

Vicki Momberg’s High Court appeal and our withdrawal of our services

In this much publicised matter, we were, left with no choice but to withdraw our services from this client as a result of a breach in the ethical code which binds all legal practitioners. Clients must realise that an attorney client relationship as sacrosanct, and should not be breached, which will always result in your attorney terminating their services. 


Durban Pastor in court after girlfriend plummets to her death from fourth-storey flat

We represented our client, in respect of allegations of murder in respect of the above, and successfully applied for his release on bail at his first appearance at Court. 


The Wendy Knowler show

We were honoured to be invited to give our input to consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler on her show (aired on Talk Radio 702 and East Coast Radio) on the issue of legal intention in respect of shoplifting as an offence, and the manner in which these “petty” offenses are dealt with, often to the detriment of an accused.

See the link below:…/it-still-stealing-if-you-didnt-mean/


South African Legal History made – businessman jailed for maintenance default

For the first time in SA’s legal history, a Court sent our clients ex husband to jail for a substantial period of time due to his failure to pay maintenance. The Court also issued a writ of execution in order that our client is able to recover monies owed to her, setting precedent for matters of this nature.

S v M (2017) Pietermaritzburg Regional Court (link to article)

  • 1 Count of Rape of a minor – charges withdrawn on representations

Durban Metro Police officers charged with kidnapping

We represented the aforementioned paramedics who were subjected to an unlawful “sting” operation and thereafter unlawfully detained. We ensured their release then prosecuted the offending police officers for their alleged criminal conduct.

S v RH (2016) Nquthu Regional Court (link to article)

  • Multiple Counts of Rape of a minor, sexual grooming.

Wesley Rogers’ Legal Opinion (whilst previously employed) on the issue of Lawful Evictions

S v Ahmed Omarjee (Stanger Regional Court)(link to article)

  • fraud to wit: R30 Million


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