Our Services

We specialize in criminal and forensic litigation, which includes all pretrial and trial related processes:

  1. Drafting warning statements
  2. After hours emergency bail applications
  3. Preparing formal bail applications
  4. Hand over to the police if required
  5. Consultations with SAPS in respect of the allegations
  6. Drafting of complaint affidavits in order to establish criminal charges
  7. Assisting with expert opinions and reports
  8. Scene reconstruction
  9. Bail applications
  10. Provisional Court appearances
  11. Drafting and argument of inter-pleading proceedings
  12. Trial related Defence planning
  13. Trials
  14. Pleas in terms of S115 / S112
  15. Special Pleas
  16. Mental Health care defences and the facilitation thereof
  17. Plea bargain negotiations in terms of S105A
  18. Witness statement preparation
  19. Drafting heads of argument
  20. Submission of formal representations
  21. NICRO diversions / withdrawals
  22. Extradition hearings
  23. Expungement of criminal records
  24. Oversight over SAPS and The State on watching brief instructions in order to secure convictions on behalf of complainants
  25. Appeals and reviews to Superior Courts